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Educational Porn

Entertaining, instructional, educational, and relatable.

If you're looking to develop new moves, fine-tune your existing skills, or understand how to better satisfy your partner sexually, our video tutorials can help.  

We're posting lessons covering a range of sex acts, and can create customized video tutorials upon request.

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Class Library 

How to Suck Your Way to Success 👄🍆
This video will teach you how to give a great blow job via real life demonstrations of all of the basic techniques and tips.

Becoming Cliterate 👅🙀

We teach you the basics of how to eat pu$$y.

How to Properly Use a Condom

Most people don't put condoms on correctly which leads to discomfort, breaking, having it fall off, or just reluctance to use one because of all of the above. We guide you through proper sizing and a demonstration for how to put it on correctly (including the use of lube 😉).

How to Fuck, a Men's Guide to being Good in Bed ❤️‍🔥
This video will give you the skills, knowledge and techniques to please a woman sexually through penetrative sex. Learn the different ways to stimulate your partner to maximize their pleasure and get them off.

How to Fuck: a Woman's Guide to Good Sex ❤️
This video will show you several different riding positions 🏇 to help women get off, to please their male partner with both physical and visual stimulation, and show men how they can be more active in getting women off even while the woman is on top 💃🏻🔝

A Beginner's Guide to Anal 🍑🍆
We show and tell you everything you need to know to make anal a pleasurable experience for the giver and the receiver. Learn all about lube, butt plugs, and the best techniques to go from a novice to fant-ass-tic.

How to Make Her Squirt 💦
We show and tell you everything you need to know about squirting, how it works, what it is (no, it's not PI$$), and how to make it happen. 

How to be Handy, a Guide to Hand Jobs
Learn all the tips and techniques you need to be a better jerk 😉

Finger Fantastic: How to get Good at Fingering 👉
We'll point out 😉 all of the basics to get her hanging off the tip of your finger. Check it out!

Stand & Deliver: Standing Sex Positions

We teach you the best standing positions for bother partners, talk about which ones are easier and which ones are more difficult to perform physically, and as always we show you as well as tell you.