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Our Story



Spent her 20s passively going from one unsatisfying relationship to another, and had resigned herself to an unfulfilling sex life and what would have been a loveless marriage. Having struggled with body dysmorphia, self-doubt, chronic anxiety, and crippling insecurities her whole life; it took some major breakdowns and breakthroughs to rebuild a more positive sense of self and to feel worthy of love and pleasure. Through continued commitment to developing self-awareness and self-love, she has learned to tap into her inner strength, heal wounds from emotional and sexual abuse, and become the badass babe that she always wanted to be.  


Was interested in girls from a young age, but lacked the confidence and social skills to do anything about it until much later in life. In his mid-20s he decided to overcome his nervousness around women and improve his mediocre dating life by challenging himself to approach and flirt with women in any situation. Through years of dedication to personal-growth and self-development, he gained the necessary experience and confidence to become an expert at talking to, appealing to, and sexually satisfying women.

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